It is our goal to make your life as a pet parent easy while keeping your pets happy and healthy!

All You Need for Pets offers pet parents a wide range of pet supplies. We have over 4,000 high-quality pet products in stock and ready to ship! Our wealth of expertise in the pet industry ensures that you’ll get top brands and products at amazing low prices!

With simple online ordering delivered straight to your doorstep, you can spend more time doing what you love: hanging with your pet family! Our carefully researched product descriptions, product videos, and customer reviews and photos, help ensure you can always make an informed decision about which products are right for your pets.

Our Story

Hi! I am the Founder & CEO of AllYouNeedForPets.com!

I’ve loved animals my whole life! I grew up watching Steve Irwin religiously and was inspired to dedicate my life to becoming a zoo veterinarian. I planned to travel around the world, helping sanctuaries preserve our natural wildlife.

I was so excited to live my life (especially after having endured years of physical, verbal, and later sexual abuse from my alcoholic father and constant bullying in school) and help any animal targeted or abused my people.

The world kept knocking me down, but I persevered because I was fighting for a cause greater than myself.

But then I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis while I was attending college, which left me incapacitated without the use of my arms or legs.

But I still didn’t give up.

For 2 years, I fought for my dreams. I had to be admitted to the hospital 8 times due to my health. I had to stay for at least a week each time and was injected with steroids 5x stronger than the average because of the aggressiveness of the disease. Aside from the online classes I completed, I was required to be physically present for the rest of my degree. So being admitted to the hospital so frequently led me to lose thousands of dollars in books and tuition before I realized, that despite my perseverance, I wanted to make an impact NOW rather than after 8 years of school without a guarantee that I would be mobile at the end of it all. I didn’t want to be out in the field in Kenya operating on a hurt rhino and spontaneously lose the ability to use my hands or even my eyesight. I was worried about the animals I was putting in danger of my instability.

So I started working on AllYouNeedForPets.com! I wanted to make it super easy for busy pet parents to keep their babies happy and healthy without a trip to the store.

Plus I made a pact to always pay it forward! I promised that I would donate a portion of my proceeds to charities every month- whether it be to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to empower them to find a cure for everyone who suffers from this dreadful disease OR animal sanctuaries around the world in order to keep my dream alive in a different way.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day! 💜
~Katherine Medina